Korean Beauty Secrets

I always wonder the reason behind the flawless skin of east  Asian women.Well, east Asian women follow skincare religiously from a very young age. Not only women but men also take proper care of the skin. That is why the beauty standard in the east Asian country are too high.Here we bring some of the best skin care secrets from the land kimchi also known as south Korea. 

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1) They have a clean diet with fresh fruits and green vegetables.Have a regular sleep cycle and don't forget to exercise.

2) They learn the art of removing makeup and do it religiously.

3) Instead of rubbing, they slap their face 50 times after completing the skin care regimen to increase the blood circulation in the face.

4) They follow the ten-second rule in which, they apply every skincare product right after 10 seconds of applying the previous product.

5) They give a nice facial massage once in a week.

6) They treat their face overnight with a hydrating face mask.

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