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6 years ago
Signs You Are In A Mentally Abusive Relationship

If you think you’re in an emotionally abusive relationship? Here are nine signs that it’s time to walk away.
Your Are Afraid Of Them: - If you are very cautious about daily things you do and always end up thinking how your partner will react to it then this relationship is mentally affecting you. This is not good for your own being. Because you are giving up all you wishes just to be with them. You might not realize but in this way, your partner is taking all the decision for you indirectly.
They Are Extremely Possessive: - They don’t know how to trust and they are always insecure about you. They keep calling you to keep a check  on your whereabouts.They keep checking your social media and other activities online.
They Never Appreciate You: - When you are in an emotionally abusive relationship your partner never appreciates you instead they keep looking for things to fight with you. The keep complaining and are never happy. They keep proving you wrong and make constant efforts to lower your self-esteem.
Their Nature Is Extremely Confusing: - If your partner's nature is confusing for e.g. at one point they are extremely caring and at the other point they are extremely abusive. You just can’t understand their two-faced personality.
They Make You Feel Trapped: - In a mentally abusive relationship a person always feels helpless. The abusive partner tries to have a total control on their partner's life. You feel like you are trapped and can't do anything as per your choice.
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