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How Excessive Sweating Can Affect You

Skin Problems: - Rashes are the most common skin problems in summers. Excess sweat can irritate and cause itch. The main problem is perspiration which can get trapped in sweat and cause an extreme rash. Apart from this friction can cause acne on face. Sometimes the itch caused by sweat causes fungal and yeast infections.

Dull Hair: - Sweaty hairs can cause dull and dark looking hairs. When excessive sweating happens the oil and dirt on the scalp can make your hair greasy and you will lose the natural oil from the hairs. If you think blow dry will help you are wrong it will harm your hairs more than what you can imagine. All you need to do it wash your hairs with a mild shampoo and avoid chemical and heat products as much as possible.

Dehydration: - If you are sweating too much then it can cause loss of water from the body. Therefore dehydration can happen. Reason being excessive sweating make you lose essential electrolyte and water from the body. Due to this you can get severe headaches and become unconscious. Therefore it is advised to have glucose or lime water from time to time.

Infections: - When your body gets touched with someone else sweat it is not gross and full of germs too. As per one of the studies such type of sweat can spread Hepatitis B virus. It can also spread communicable diseases like cold and flu.

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