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Signs That You Are Not Ready For A Relationship

It is said that there is no perfect time to fall in love but falling in love at the wrong time can create a huge mess in your life. Here are some of the signs you should consider before getting into a relationship.femaleadda app

You are not over your ex 

If you are still thinking about your ex then it is a sure shot sign that you are not ready for a relationship. If you are dating other guys to make yourex-feel jealous or as a distraction then this will prevent you from making real connections with the current guy. So this is going to do more harm than any good. So before getting into a new relationship make sure you are over your last relationships and had moved forward. Otherwise, your feeling will keep coming back.

You are not ready to make changes in your life

If you have been single for quite some time, you might have already developed a routine that makes your life easy and interesting. But if you are going to get into a relationship then that means you have to give time to your partner as well, therefore, you will have to make some compromises over your lifestyle. If you are not ready for that don’t get into a relationship.

You are looking for someone to Save You

If you are looking for someone to save you from your life misery then it is advised not get into a relationship. Because chances are that you will end up with a partner who has a savior complex or someone with the same issue. If you think that it is fine to be with someone who has a life full of misery then don’t forget that your misery will get double with them.

You can’t Ever Admit Your Fault

Some people find it really hard to admit their mistakes, they think they are always right. But to be honest, none of us can ever be always right because to err is human. If you are never comfortable at making apologies then you have understanding issues. So Instead of looking for a new relationship first take a break and learn how to accept your fault.

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