Sonika Ramola
7 years ago
10 Tips For Indian Brides to Shed Those Extra Kilos Before the Wedding

Indian brides go crazy to look their best for their wedding day. Whether it’s their dress or their makeup, they make all their plans in advance but the one thing that keeps nagging them is their appearance. With such an important event happening, who wants to worry about their weight. Hence, we bring a full proof guide to lose that belly and extra weight before the wedding and look your best.
1. Say No to Full Cream and Switch to Single/Double Toned Milk 
2. Choose Plain Raita Instead of Boondi Raita 
3. Loose that Punjabi Breakfast and Switch to Good Oats! 
4. Namak Not Swadh Anusar Anymore 
5. Want to Lose Weight, Then Leave that Sugary Taste
6. You Need That Protein for looking Healthy and Lean 
7. Avoid fad diets and Irrelevant advice
8. Get to know about the hidden enemy i.e. Empty calories
9. Who Knew Switching Your Plates is Good for Your Weight 
10. Who Knew Peanut Butter Was A Healthy Choice 

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