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7 years ago
Mistakes You Need To Avoid While Wearing Leggings

Leggings are the wardrobe staple in every woman’s wardrobe as they are quite versatile, we can wear them with most of the outfits. But if you are not wearing it right, then your outfit might spoil your overall look.  Here are some mistakes you need to avoid while wearing

Avoid Wearing Them with Crop: - The fabric of leggings is usually skin tight so if your wear those with a crop, your butt will bump up which will make you uncomfortable. Therefore make sure to wear it with some tunic or long top.

Avoid Legging That Gathers Around Your Ankle: - While wearing leggings, make sure that your leggings don't gather around your ankle as it can make you look unkempt and messy.femaleadda app

Avoid Legging With Tight Tops: - If you are trying to coordinate the fitting of your top and bottom i.e. wearing legging along with tight top then it is a big no. Even if you have a toned body, it is important to have a balance in an outfit. So avoid tight top with leggings instead opt for loose tunics.

Avoid The Shiny Leggings: - When it comes to leggings, stay away from shiny high –gloss leggings as they can create bulges. Choose more of light and solid colors.

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