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What Your Food Craving Says About State Of Mind

Sweet: - Sweet cravings are the most common types of craving. It generally happens due to working for long hours, hectic schedules, feeling utterly exhausted. They hardly have any time to pursue their hobbies. The main reasons for this are there are not enjoying their lives and they are busy with their daily life schedules.

Spicy: - To all those who are a huge fan of spicy food, wanted to take actions in their lives. Such people are always going places. In case they are not able to do such stuff they find rescue in eating spicy food.
Salty: - Salt attracts water, so when we increase the intake of salt, the water in our bodies also moves with it. People who consume salt need it to go with the flow to chill and relax. Excess salt intake can cause high blood pressure but it also calms you.

Caffeine: - People who constantly crave for caffeine want to do some intellectual thing. They want mental alertness and processing. The fact is that caffeine gives us a feeling of being fresh and mentally sharp but in actual it is exhausting your body from inside.

Cheese: - Though we all crave for cheese some people have an extreme craving for cheese and this can be associated with lack or over motherly love. You are looking for some comforting figure in your life.
Crispy Food: - Those who are craving for crunchy foods are probably looking attention or are angry with someone.

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