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You can easily include yoga in your daily routine of morning walk by including simple yoga practices with your morning walk. Morning walk is very important part of daily life to stay fit and healthy. If you include yoga in your daily routine at morning then you can keep your mind and internal organs healthy and fit.

Generally, when we do a morning walk, we keep listening to music or radio but now is time to make a swift change and exclude this music and radio from your morning walk. During a morning walk, keep your focus on your steps and breathe which will help you to concentrate on yourself. You can include some mantra or simply om sound in your morning walk instead of music or radio. These simple and easy changes will make the huge impact on your daily life as these will calm your mind and keep your mind fresh for a new day chorus.

If you wish to do yoga but without disturbing your morning walk then there are few yoga techniques which can be included easily in your yoga practice. These techniques are defined below –

PADHASTASANA – This yoga technique requires you to –

1. Inhale and raise arms in an upward direction over your head
2. Exhale and fold arms forward, keeping in hanging position
3. Keep head and neck in hanging position and breathe deeply
4. Relax in the position.

MALASANA This yoga pose is good for keeping legs strong and hips flexible. In this pose, you need to –posing like squat.

1. Stand on your yoga mat and open your feet wide as you feel comfortable 
2. Take your arms in an upward direction and bring palm together like prayer 
3. Bend your knees and lower down your hips slowly
4. Try to separate your thighs but keep your feet together so that your thighs are slightly wider than torso 
5. Now bring your hands in center nearby your heart in prayer position.

TADASANA – This asana relieves your body from any sort of idleness and makes body active. This asana is very easy to do at any time and place. For this yoga technique, you just need to –

1. Stand on your feet,
2. Raise your arms in an upward direction over your head and interlock your fingers whilst turning your palms upward,
3. Take a deep breath whilst coming onto your toes and stretching your hands upwards,
4. Stay in this pose for few seconds or as you feel comfortable then exhale and come slowly back to your normal posture.

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