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6 years ago
How To Quickly Get Ready In The Morning

We all are rushing in the morning because we want to spend few more minutes in bed. We have to get ready and leave our houses on time so that we can avoid traffic and reach office. So here are some tips to get ready in the morning in just a few minutes.

Clothes: - You should always pick the outfit for the next morning at least a night before. When we are choosing clothes we keep looking at our closet for quite some time and still can’t decide what to wear.This happens because when you wake up in the morning you are half sleep so the brain is not ready to make any choices. Therefore choose in advance.

Shower: - For shower don’t exfoliate your skin or wash your hairs in the morning to save time. Make sure to wash your hairs at night.In this way, you can save your blow dry timing in the morning.

Hair: - If you have unmanageable hairs just comb them at the night to remove all the knots and ties. So that in the morning you just need to comb once and straighten the ends. You can also use hair serum right before doing your hairs for a smoother look.

Makeup: - Morning time is not for the experiment so stick to what you already know. Use products which suit your skin and keep it minimal. A light BB cream, liner and lipsticks are enough for everyday makeup. Instead of using liquid liner choose pencil liner as they get dry easily.

Breakfast: - Never rush while doing breakfast takes some time out. Start making your coffee right when you go for a shower and save time. Also, keep your breakfast minimal with something like cereals and fruits.

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