Reasons Why Your Skin Is Getting Thinner

As we age our skin loose collagen and it becomes thin naturally, but what if your skin suffers from premature skin thinning? Here are some of the causes for skin thinning:-

Excessive Sun Exposure: -  Anything excessive is not healthy for our skin and if your skin is getting excessive sun exposure you definitely need to start taking care of it.Sun exposure can cause pigmentation marks and your skin ages faster and becomes thin.Therefore always wear SPF 30 before stepping out in the sun. 

Over-Exfoliation: - Exfoliation is required to remove dead skin from the face but over exfoliation will not only irritate your skin it will also make your skin thin and sensitive.therefore limit exfoliation to twice or once a week.

Frequent Aggressive Treatments: - Skin treatments like laser, chemical peels and resurfacing can increase our skin sensitivity to a greater level.Therefore we should use less of these treatments.


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