Beauty Essentials You Should Keep In Your Purse

Moisturiser: - None of us like the feel of skin dryness. So we should keep a handy moisturiser with us all the time so that we can moisturise our skin any time and at any place.

Face Mist: - Facial Mist can come handy when your skin feels a little dehydrated. Just spray on a pump of face mist and your skin will start feeling rejuvenated in seconds.

Lip Colour: - What would you prefer multiple products or multipurpose product? Multipurpose obviously. So always choose a lip colour which can be used for lips as well as for blush. This will give you natural and glowing look.

Oil Absorbing Wipes: - These wipes can be very helpful if your face is on the oilier side. Just use one or two wipes to get rid of oily shine on the face without smudging your makeup.
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