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Taking Anti Depressant At The Time of Pregnancy Can Make Your Child Autistic

Stress during pregnancy is common, but to combat that anti – depressant is not good for the child. It has been found that women who take antidepressant increase 81% risk of giving birth to an autistic child.

As per previous studies, scientists have also revealed that there is a connection between women who take the prescription drug before getting pregnant and chances of their child to suffer from autism. If the mother has taken anti-depressant pill before conceiving, the children’s are at 77% higher risk of being born with autism. These reports are concerning as there are many pregnant women who consume anti-depressant pills.
It is being suggested that woman shouldn't try to stop taking their prescribed pills because there is less number of evidence to back this study. Some of the French researchers also suggested that if depression, is not treated at the time of pregnancy, it too can have consequences. As per the study of author Dr. Florence Gressier, 'Each prescription should be evaluated individually.' 

The use of antidepressant pills in a pregnant woman is also increasing. This conclusion was made after assessing 117,737 participants. But no link was found between antidepressant use during pregnancy and autism after looking at two studies that followed 772,331 children. The numbers suggest that 1 in seven women suffer from depression during pregnancy.


What is autism?

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a condition that affects communication, social interaction, communication, behavior, and interest. In children with ASD, the symptoms can be seen before three years of age, regardless it can be treated after the age of 3.IN U.K., one in every 100 people has ASD and as compared to girls more numbers of boys are diagnosed with it.

There's no fixed cure for ASD, but children can be helped with speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, educational support. Although most cases are minor, an estimated 20,000 pregnant women every year are anticipated to take antidepressants - around one in 25 of all British pregnancies.
The drugs are not recommended for most pregnant women but in the case of a pregnant woman suffering from extreme stress, then an exception can be made because the withdrawal of these pills might cause even more damage.
Previous studies have suggested that women with untreated depression are more likely to have a deadly birth complication. But there is a lack of research to make a conclusive decision between antidepressants and autism.

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