Now leave using harmful dye and hair colours to cover gray hair, rather go green and adopt natural ways to cover gray strands. Natural things add shine to hair and also do not cause any harm to health. Few of the natural things used to cover gray hair are given here –

Henna and Amla– collect fresh henna leaves and grind it, add one teaspoon amla powder and a
small amount of curd then mix it properly. Leave it for a half hour and then apply this pack on hair. When it dries then wash using the mild shampoo. This pack provides shine and softness to hair.

Black Tea – take one glass of water, add two spoon tea leaves and boil it for a
half hour. Let it cool and then apply it all over hair. After few minutes, wash it off with cold water without using shampoo.

Sage Water – sage water is very useful for covering
gray hair as it helps to restore the natural colour of hair. For this take one glass water and add a small bunch of sage leaves in it then boil for a half hour. Let it cool then apply all over hair. After 2 hours, rinse it off using a mild shampoo.

Curry Leaves – curry leaves are one of the best natural
remedies for gray hair. Boil curry leaves in coconut oil for approx 1 hour and then strain it. Keep this oil in a bottle and massage this oil onto hair roots twice in a week. This oil provides nourishment to hair and stops hair from getting gray in young age.

Potato Peel Water – peel off around five potatoes and place this peel in a cup. Pour around two glass water in a pan, add peel and boil it for few minutes. After it cools down, strain liquid peels and add sandalwood oil/mythic oil and fill it in a container. Now, after every hair wash use it as a
hair serum. It will provide natural black colour to hair.


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