The charisma of Red Pout

Remember attention grabbing pin-up pout of Marilyn Munroe and red carpet appearances of Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone with full blown red pouts paired with gorgeous dresses. Kareena Kapoor is famous for showing off her fuller pout very often. Red lipstick makes women look glamorous and rebellious. If you see red pout of Esha Gupta in blockbuster Rustom then definitely it will let you remember the deep red, plump lips of twenties flapper; curled around an illicit cigarette in an act of bold and authoritative women.

As per research, red lipstick draws attention easily and especially from opposite sex. Scientists at a University conducted a research on a group of men by showing them different images of women and found that men spend more time in seeing images of women wearing red lipstick.

Hence, by dressing your lips in red you can grab more attention towards yourself. Red pout is a symbol of prowess and affirmation. 

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