Mascara Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Woman love wearing mascara as it brightens up the eye in no time. As per recent surveys, if a woman does ever have to choose one makeup product they will choose mascara over others. But if you are using it all wrong it is not going to help you. Here we have listed some of the most common mascara mistakes that you need to avoid.
Pumping the Mascara Wand repeatedly: - To take more products out of mascara, we tend to pump the mascara wand in and out the bottle. This can make the air to get inside the mascara wand and will dry up your mascara. Therefore Instead of pumping just twist the wand while pulling it out of the container.

Curling lashes post mascara application: - Curling lashes post application just means that you are a lazy girl. Also, Post application, mascara makes your lashes hard and curling them might cause breakage.

Not Wiping off the Extra Mascara: - Wands can pick more than required product and when you apply mascara with too much product on it, and then it results in clumpy mascara lashes.Therefore make sure to get rid of any excess mascara on the wand before application.

Not Removing In Correctly: - Removing eye makeup takes a lot of time and on the day’s when you apply mascara you need even more time to remove all of it because mascara doesn't get wiped off easily. You can try some oil base product or petroleum jelly on your lashes to remove all the mascara gently in no time. If you are wearing mascara on falsies make sure to keep clean them and keep the false eyelashes safe.

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