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Major Reasons Why Relationships Fail

Dealing with a breakup can be painful especially if you are left wondering at what point it all went out the window. Do not let your precious relationship go down the rabbit hole by killing the issues at the bud. Here are the top 5 reasons a relationship fails.

1) Infidelity :-Be it physical or emotional, cheating in any form is a rotten thing to do to someone. Loyalty is one of the foundations of a relationship and a violation of that can shake the very core of your love.

2)Insecurity and Trust Issues :- Insecurities often come disguised as trust issues. However, insecurities pertain to one’s own low self-esteem where as trust issues incline more towards lack of confidence in your partner. When these two factors intermingle, what you are left with is a sabotaged relationship.

3) Drifting Apart - Sometimes, you get more involved in other aspects of their life causing a shift in your priorities. A happy relationship needs work and patience. When you stop putting efforts in nurturing, it starts wilting giving rise to a new set of complications between the couple. The spark ultimately dies and the two people feel stuck at a “dead end”.

4) Communication Gap:- A communication issue can make it easier for misunderstandings to seep in leading to heated fights and unnecessary drama. During the honeymoon phase, you are busy drooling over every word your partner says. Once this phase is over, you realize a relationship is more work, less romance. With healthy communication, you can make your bond bulletproof. Stop and listen to what the other person has to say and pay attention to your partner’s non-verbal cues. Bridge the gap.

5)The Power Struggle in a Relationship:- When you expect your partner to be at your disposal, and make them go through hell if they are not, it is an unhealthy display of dominance. By doing this, you are building your relationship on fear and not love, comfort, security and trust. It does not take much for such bonds to crumble into a pile of debris. Make sure both you and your beloved compromise and keep a stable balance of power.

Source :- https://www.newwomanindia.com/five-major-reasons-relationships-fail/

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