Lipstick Hacks You Need To Know

Lipsticks are the most loved makeup product. So today we bring the best lipstick tricks of all times to get the most out of lipsticks.

Lip Primer: -  Once we apply lipsticks our lips feel dry, to avoid the dryness you need to first exfoliate the lips and moisturize, then apply lipsticks of your choice. For exfoliation choose any lip scrub and then apply a natural lip balm or shea butter before applying lipstick. This will ensure smooth application and prime your lips for the lipstick.

Lip Liner for Base: - Lip liner helps in lining up the lips to define the shape and sharp edges of the lips. It also provides a base for the lipstick application. For the fuller lipstick look, first draw your lips with a liner slightly outside the natural lip line. Then you just need to fill in the lipstick.

Concealer To Smoothe Edges: - This is the favorite trick of makeup artists. Once you apply lipstick, use a concealer with a sharp tipped makeup brush to get the crisp looking lips.

Repairing Broken Lipsticks: - Lipstick can get broken at times, so here is a small trick to repair it. For this, you need to melt the broken end of lipstick with a lighter then press the two pieces together. Once they are attached, place the lipstick in the fridge.


Create The Perfect Shade Of Nude: - A nude lipstick is a must have but finding the perfect nude lipsticks can be quite a task. So to make your own nude lipstick, pat on some concealer on your lips as per your skin color, on the top of that apply a semi- sheer pink or red shade.

Prevent Lipstick Stain On Teeth: - To prevent lipstick stains on teeth, take your index finger and put it in your mouth, wrapping your lips around it and pulling it out.

Prevent Lipstick Stain On Teeth

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