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7 years ago
How to Take Care of Your Hair after Rebonding | Beauty India 2017

We all want to hassle free hairs with no curves and tangles as they give a neat look. Hair rebounding is one such hair treatment which can make your hair look neat and straight just like hair straightening but with the help of chemicals. You can book online hair rebonding services at salon and parlors through FemaleAdda. In This hair treatment, a lot of hair chemicals are used which is quite harsh for the hairs. So you need to take few precautions after hair rebonding. Some of these precautions are:-

Avoid Hair Wash: - You should avoid hair wash for at least the next 3 days post rebonding treatment because the chemical used in hair rebonding treatment need time to settle in. Also, whenever you want to wash your hairs use cold water instead of hot water.

Conditioning: - After hair rebonding, your hair becomes quite weak, so you need to keep them moisturized and for that conditioning is important. Even on normal days when you are not washing your hairs use a leave in conditioner to keep your hair nourished.

Hair Tying: - You have to avoid putting your hair at the back of the ear, hair tying and hair accessories. Just keep them untied and simple post the hair rebonding procedures.

Avoid Hair Tools: - Forget about the hair dryer and other heating tools. Any type of heating tool will do worse than good. Instead of using hair dryer let your hairs air dry.

Balanced Diet: - You are what you eat, so eat at least one balanced meal in a day. Eat more fruits and veggies and avoid eating outside. Take more protein rich diet which will help hair strengthening.

Unnecessary Hair Products: - Avoid hair oils and hair serum for some time. Just use the shampoo and hair conditioner suggested by the
hair salon.

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