Gentle Ways To Wash Your Face In The Morning

To wash your face in the morning or to not has always been in a question. Many of the beauty gurus suggest to not wash your face in the morning because over washing your face can cause over production of oil causing breakouts and acne. But the idea is not to irritate your skin you can use a natural gentle cleanser such as follow to clean your face:-

Chick Pea
Powder: - The chickpea are not only helpful in making our food delicious but they can also be used as gentle cleansers. They cleanse as well as exfoliate the skin at the same time. You can even mix chickpea with lemon juice to make a face mask and apply it on your face.

Honey: -  Raw honey has antibacterial properties, enzymes, and probiotic which can do wonders for our skin. Honey cleanses the skin and also provides necessary moisturization to the skin.

Milk: - Raw milk is loaded with vitamins and proteins. Just splashing two spoons of milk every morning will clean your face gently. It also provides moisturisation and the lactic acid in raw milk exfoliates the skin.

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