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7 years ago
Types Of Indian Women That Men Avoid Dating

The one who keeps nagging: A woman who keeps nagging about every misery of her life is not liked by men. Men avoid such woman or dating as they can very annoying .as life only becomes more complex with a woman who keeps nagging.

The One Who Is Money Minded: - Men are materialistic and but they don’t like their woman to be like that. Men avoid a woman who is concerned more about their money and wealth instead of them. The materialistic woman will show their true colors later.

The One who is Party Animal: - Woman who attends the party and goes to clubs to often is not liked by men. As men think that such women must be having drinking habits and are usually roam around late at night.

The One Who Is Flirty: - Most of the men are flirty and big playboy themselves but they never choose a woman who is of flirty nature.

The One Who Is Too Traditional: -  If a girl is way too traditional like if he visits temples too often or key chanting prayers and doesn't want to wear western clothes then such girls are complete no or boys.
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