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Wonderful Ways to Organize Your Jewellery

Wonderful Ways toOrganize Your Jewellery

Jewellery is every woman’s favourite possession and it is also true that a beautiful artwork makes women look more beautiful. Jewellery makes your face look complete. So keeping jewellery safely is very important. Generally, women have an own large collection of Jewellery.

Below are given few different ways to organise your jewellery items with much ease -

1. Hang: This idea is very good, you can hang your necklace, anklet earrings e.t.c. very well. It's ease to select and search the jewellery and time saving as well.

2. Egg Crate: Wao it's cool, you can use Egg Crate for place your earrings. You can easily place your small earrings and rings in its boxes.

3. Pin Them Up: You can also use pin board to organise your jewellery using a simple process. You can use printed or Page board.  You have some pins for hanging the jewellery. You have to add pin and place thing.

4. Frames: This idea is good, innovative and artistic. Add Frame and hang your jewellery inside the frames.

5. Bottled Up: You can use fancy bottles for organising your jewellery, you can hang it bracelets and bangles. You can use different colours of the bottle.


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