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Easy DIY No Sew Poncho Tutorial

Easy DIY No Sew Poncho Tutorial

The best fashion trend of the poncho is always in demand during winters, it's easy to wear as well as in you can match it with any dress. It is available in the market with different
colours. It makes your getup more stylish. It's too easy to stitch at home using your home stitch machine. Below is given easy DIY method of making No Sew Poncho at home -   

You'll need to make this.

1. Measuring 

2. Fabric scissors

3. 1-2 yards of Fabric


1. Firstly you have to decide the length, how log poncho you want to wear. Length can be 6'' or 5.5'' wide and 70'' in height normally.

2. Then cut it according to your length carefully. You should make sure the length and width size before a cut.

3. Then draw a mark at the halfway point of your width. Cut a straight line little less than halfway up the poncho. You can also keep it long from the 
back side. Extending the line until you get what you need.

4. Complete your poncho with above few steps.

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