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7 years ago
How fitness affects your fertility

It is a common notion in most women that their fitness level affects their pregnancy. Well, there is no specific answer to this or relation between the fertility and fitness level. Here are few things you need to know about fertility and fitness.

According to doctors, Pregnancy is a natural process so whether you are obese or slim, there is no proof that pregnancy is affected by body fat level, age determination, and fitness level. Also, there is no denying the fact that you can always increase your fertility by being healthy and active.

Overweight: - Women who are overweight and trying to get pregnant need to involve at least in some kind of fitness activity. This will not only help with the pregnancy but will also prepare your body for it. Obese patients have metabolic syndrome also known as PCOS .which lead to major hormonal changes, therefore, affecting the fertility.

Too Fit: - There are a group of symptoms know as female athlete triads which can affect athletes. These triads consist of amenorrhea, eating disorder and bone loss. In amenorrhea, you don’t get continuous periods. So If you have missed your periods for more than 3 months then you should definitely visit your gynecologist. The doctor will check the hormone level and analyze the potential obstacles in getting pregnant. In the case of women with an eating disorder, any chronic damage can lead to fertility issues due to lack of nutrients and body fat. Some athletes might not get enough calcium for bone strength and are at risk of mineral deficiency.

Too Thin: - Women who are too thin have very low body fat, therefore, they are at a risk of potential fertility challenges. In case they don’t have regular periods and they are not even on any hormonal birth control pills, they might find getting pregnant a little difficult as they are not ovulating regularly.

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