Sonika Ramola
7 years ago
How to Find Out Your Skin Tone for Makeup?

It helps to choose right shade of makeup for perfect glow. Before you explore about your skin tone for makeup, understand your skin undertone first.
1.You have warm undertone if your skin tan without getting burnt. Burning or minimal tan refers to cool undertone. Skin with no overtone of pink or olive refers to neutral undertone.
2.Simplest test to know about your spectrum of undertone is Vein test. Look at the inner side of your wrist. If you have bluish or purple veins, cool is the undertone of your skin. Green veins mean warm undertone. Your skin undertone is neutral if you cannot differentiate between the two.
There are three simple tests that you can take –
1.Wash your face with a mild cleanser. After 15 minutes, take one silver foil and one golden foil. Hold them on both sides of your face. Right metal will bring its glow to your skin while the other one will make you look pale. If gold suits you, you have warm skin tone whereas if silver does, your tone is cold.
2.You can also use white paper and hold it to your face after cleansing the face properly. If skin looks pale or golden, your tone is warm whereas if your skin looks pink or red, you have cool skin tone.
3.Just pull your ear forward and look at the crease of skin behind it. If it is yellow, you have warm tone and pink means your skin tone is cool.

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