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Unique Massages From Around the World

The most common types of massages are Swedish massage, aromatherapy massage, and shiatsu massage but do you know there are varieties of massage therapies which are practiced around the world. Read on to find out some of these unique massages.
Rungu Massage: - Rungu massage hails from Africa. In this
massage rungu, a kind of wooden stick is used. This wooden stick holds a special symbol and connotation in east African tribal culture. It is a different kind of massage but steadily gaining popularity. In this massage, the rungu stick is prod into the muscle with force for an intense experience. This helps in improving nerve perception and lymphatic drainage.


LomiLomi Massage: - Lomilomi massage is a part of traditional Hawaiian medicine. In this massage, the massage therapist
places hands gently on the body of the customer and remains still for a few minutes. The customer should breathe heavily and relaxes. In this massage Some of the genuine practitioners provide prayers, herbs and diet advice too. The benefits of this massage are very similar to other massages like improvement in blood circulation, relaxation etc the only difference is the belief that massaging with “loving hands” helps to release more physical and mental tension.


Tok Sen
Massage: -Tok sen massage is an ancient Thai massage. The literal meaning of tok means “to strike” or tap and sen mean the meridian line in our body. When a mallet hit the wooden wedge the sound which is produced is “tok”. In this massage small mallet and wedge of wood made from tamarind tree are used to activate energy point in our body. When tapping is done, it produces rhythmic sounds along with vibration, this produces a relaxing state. This massage is used to improve body posture and promote body awareness.

tok sen

Hamaaam: -
Hamaam comes from the turkey. The first hamaam was originated in Arabia and it became a central part of a roman culture. It is an entire process of body wraps, sauna with heated marble platform, body scrubbing, body wash and then a relaxing massage. The best type of hamaam can be found in Istanbul, turkey.


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