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How Too Much Attachment Can Spoil Your Relationship

People who are in a relationship want to spend most of the time together but do you know that unnecessary attachment too can hamper relationship. Read on to find out how spending most of the time with your partner can spoil your relationship.

Individuality: - Whether you accept it or not you have to be your own hero. You have to live your own life and save yourself. Your partner can at the most share moments together, hear out your worries and inhibitions but his life remains his own. Every person has to develop and maintain a separate identity of your own. Your own individuality helps in developing self-respect.

Sharing: - When you spend time with your own friends, pursue a hobby with them or just hang out, then you will have your own experience to share with your partner. So when both of you spend time together you will be able to share more about each other.

Closeness: - If you are keeping yourself tied down with your partner all the time then you are doing it all wrong. Having some “me” time does not mean that you are being indifferent to each other it just means you are doing what each of you loves separately and what brings happiness to your individual self. When you are happy and content you will share the same feeling towards each other.

Independence: - Independence is the most underrated traits in a healthy relationship. When both of you are independent you will be able to take care of yourself, your partner and their family too.

Strengthen Bonds: - Have you heard that distance brings you closer. When you are away from your partner, you become fonder of them. Giving space to each will build the healthy relationship. It will bring you two closer.

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