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How To Know That Your Boyfriend Is Missing You

Staying apart from your boyfriend from time to time is important to know how much your boyfriend actually cares for you. Some of us create space on purpose to get some alone time but some of us need to stay away because of the situation. So here we bring the top telltale signs to know that your boyfriend is missing you:-

Several Missed Calls: - Missed calls can be annoying but when you get missed calls from your boyfriend it is suggestive that he is missing you and wants to talk to you. He either wants to listen to your voice or want to know that you’re safe.

missed calls

Writes A Poem For you: - He might write a beautiful short poem when he misses you. If he wants you to read the poem, he will immediately text you the poem. You might laugh or cry after reading it so, doesn’t forget to give him some respect and appreciation.


He Got Plans When You return: - If he misses you, he will be telling you about the things he has planned for your return. He might suggest going for movies together or a dinner. Whatever plans he has got for you, it just means he is craving for your company.

He Texts You Mundane Things: - If he texts you trivial and mundane thing like what he is eating right now or how is the weather. It’s because he just wants a way to talk to you about something so make sure to keep the conversation going.

He Tried To Impress You: - Sometimes your guy might go little ahead and tries to impress you when you are not around. For example, he might watch your favorite movie or reads about something that you like so that the both of you can talk about it later.

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