How to dress up in Winter to stay stylish

Just because it is chilling outside, does not mean that you should stay clad in boring clothes throughout the day and stay closed inside the house. Even in winters, you can look as stylish you look in warmth days. Using the technique of layering up you can look stylish and adorable in winter also. Follow below given few tips to stay stylish in winter –

# Wear a scarf to stay warm in winter. You can use a scarf in different ways like round scarf around the neck or entangle around the neck or wrap it covering whole head.  
# Add boots as part of regular winter wear. There are varieties of boot designs available in the market and you can keep different boot varieties to suit with different dresses.

# Wear your floral lacy summer dress and team it up with a leather jacket to stay warm and look stylish.

# Wear long cardigan paired up with knit scarf and knit socks.

# To look diva in winter you can use a belt and clinch it onto your waist over your cardigan.  

# For preppy look you can choose to wear a tight fitted sweater over collar dress and pop the collar out.

# Wear your summer dress with a long cardigan, ankle length boots and thick knitted scarf wrapped up round neck.  
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