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7 years ago
How To Control Food Craving

Unnecessary craving for food can make your diet plan go all wrong. Here we list some of the ways in which you can control food craving.
Eat Fiber: - Fiber helps in balancing the sugar level in the body; therefore, it prevents the sugar drop that causes food craving. When you eat fiber, you feel fuller for a longer duration. Some of the foods which are rich in fiber are whole-wheat pasta, beans and berries.
Eat Frequently: - Fasting between meals is not a great idea as it will end up making you crave for more food. Most of the people eat three big meals in a day but the right way is to eat 5 -6 small meals in a day. This will also prevent eating and helps in better digestion.
Go On A Walk: - Whenever you feel like you are craving for something, just go outside and take a walk. This will help in taking off your mind over the thing you are craving for.
Eat Small Portions Of Snack: - If you love eating snacks then have them in small portions. If you buy the big packet of chips and cookies why not try the smaller one.
Drink Water: - If you are craving for something then first drink a glass of water because it might happen that you are just thirsty but you mistook it for being hungry.
Pick The Right Sweets: - Instead of eating high processed foods why not choose simple sweets. High processed foods are loaded with higher sugar content. So instead of eating sugar cookies try a fruit salad.

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