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6 years ago
How To Get Rid Of Heavy Makeup

If there is one beauty tip which everybody will give you it will be to remove makeup before going to bed. Makeup can do havoc to the skin if not removed properly. So here are some tips to remove heavy makeup without using any makeup remover.

Lip Balm with Lipstick: -Lipsticks which stays in place are everyone’s favorite. But matte lipsticks are hard to take off. You put some much pressure on your lips using harsh exfoliator which turns your lips dry and dehydrated. Instead of going hard apply a little bit of lip balm all over your lips and using a wet wipe remove the lipstick. Now wet your truth brush and scrub your lips with it.

Olive oil is an eyelash extension remover: - Artificial eyelash extensions are the most cost effective and easy way to get fuller lower lashes. But the struggle begins when you start removing the lashes from the eyes because eye area is delicate and you can’t put too much pressure on them. At such times olive oil comes as a rescue. Just put some olive on a cotton ball and keep in on the eyelash. The liquid will help to remove the eyelash easily.

Scotch Tape for Glittery Makeup: - If you have done lots of shimmer and glitter makeup then the glitter will stick on your face and won't even go away. In Such a case scotch tape can come handy. All you need to do is take a small strip of scotch tape and place it over face and you are good to go.

Coconut Oil for Quick Makeup Removing: - Makeup is all about layering one makeup product after other that is why they can get deep into the skin and cause damage. You can use coconut oil to get rid of any type of makeup bonus point it also hydrates the skin after stripping off makeup.

Cotton Swabs For Eyeliner: - Just dip a cotton swab in Vaseline and wipe it over the eyeliner. This is the best way to remove eyeliner without creating any mess.

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