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7 years ago
Prom Makeup Ideas : How to Look Beautiful in Your Prom?

With prom season on the way, lots of teenagers are probably poring over magazines to find prom makeup tips and articles on how to look beautiful in their prom.So here are some prom makeup ideas that work wonders for your much-awaited occasion!
Prom Makeup Ideas to Look Beautiful:
1. Make Your Skin Perfect and Glowing in Your Prom Party
a.Apply foundation in only a very thin layer. Don’t slather it on thickly.
b.Buy a long-lasting formula to keep your look intact the whole night.

2. Eye or Lip Makeup For Prom: Pick One:
Line inside your lips so that lipstick doesn’t bleed into the skin.
b.Red creates most stunning visual impact, but you can choose a lot of different shades in the spectrum of red. From pink undertones to brown – pick your favourite.
c.An eye shadow will follow. You can stick to a dark shade for smoky eyes or go bold with white or silver shimmer. Eye makeup application is delicate; get someone to help if you cannot manage it alone.
3. Match Your Makeup With Your Prom Dress:
Choose a dress whose color matches your makeup color and style.
4. Hairstyle To Define The Look:
Polished pony – Use a smoothing product on damp hair and tie a high ponytail for this look.
b.Curls – To make your hair look naturally curly, use styling wax and roll up.
5.Hide Zits or Blemishes With Makeup Trick:
To reduce swelling and redness, apply tea tree oil and benzoyl peroxide.

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