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How To Apply Eye Shadow Perfectly For Flawless Beauty?

For eye makeup, choosing right eye shadowcolor is also quite important. In this regard, the thumb rule says that select the shadow opposite to the hue of your iris. Here, you are spoilt for choice in the color of shadows available to you. So, be cautious and choose the best one for your eyes.electing the right brush is also important to apply eye shadow perfectly. Remember that sponge brushes are strictly not recommended for eye shadow application.

1. How to Apply Cream Eye Shadow?

. You may start with applying an eye shadow primer to keep your
eyeshadow in place.
b. Apply shadow slowly in a sweeping motion. Here, you must be faster as cream
eyeshadows tend to dry quickly.
c. When one layer dries up completely, apply the next coat, if required.
d. If you find any shabby lines or edges, rub them properly with your fingertips until it blends with your skin. You are done with it now.

2. How to Apply Smokey Eye Shadow?

. Take thick-lipped black eyeliner and apply it on the bottom of eyes. Put the liner on both the sides of your lower eyelashes.
b. Closing your eyes, apply the eyeliner on the top lashes to make them look thicker than they are. Above it, apply a
gray, silver or white eye shadow

3. How to Apply Black Eye Shadow?

Use any type of black eye shadow that you like. Add some extra sparkle to your eyes with a shimmery eye shadow.
b. From your eyelid to your brow bone, evenly apply a silver
color shadow.
Now apply the black shadow all over the crease.
c. Add some highlighting effect with a white or cream shimmer eye shadow. You are good to go!

4.  How to Apply Eye Shadow for Brown Eyes?

It is not so hard to find the most befitting 
eyeshadow for brown eyes. Most of the shades in shadow look perfect with brown eyes. You can easily go for bronze, chestnut, or coffee color along with vivid shades of green and purple.

5. How to Find the Best Eye Shadow for Blue Eyes?

Blue eyes are certainly a dominant facial feature. You can make them pop stunningly with the right 
eyeshadow for blue eyes.Gorgeous shades of golden are always welcome along with some other color variants depending upon your skin undertone. Warm shades of peach, copper, et al are best for the blue eyes. 

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