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7 years ago
How To Get Bright Eyes

Stay Happy: - What you feel on the inside shows up on your face, therefore, be happy and smile often. Keep Stress and worries at a bay as they only make you feel drained and unattractive. To stay positive and take proper sleep.

Organic Eye Mask: - Organic Eye Mask like applying grated potato and cucumber is the best idea to treat dull eyes. Potato is rich in Vitamin C whereas cucumber is loaded with water. Both of these are very helpful in calming the eyes.

Hydration: - Staring at our laptop and smartphones screen for a very long time can make our eyes look tired and dull. This happens due to lack of moisture and hydration. Drinking adequate amount of water and using eye drops will be beneficial at such times.

Green Tea Bags And olive Oil: - Green tea bags are loaded with antioxidants so when you use chilled green tea bags on tired eyes it instantly brightens up the eyes. To brighten up eyes a good olive oil massage before going to bed is also beneficial.

Eating Berries: - Eating berries in the morning is the best way to kick starts the day. You can have any type of berries be it strawberries, blueberries or raspberries .the berries are loaded with antioxidants and vitamins that will give the energy your eyes need.

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