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7 years ago
How Digital Screens Are Affecting Our Skin

We love our gadgets, so be it our cell phones. Laptops, tablets or I- pods. We spend half of the day scrolling through our facebook feed or checking stories on Instagram if we are bored with our phone then we get back to laptops to work or watch movies. But not many of us know that the digital screens are ruining our skin. Yes, it is the harsh truth but these gadgets are doing more harm to our skin than we can ever imagine. Read on to find out.
Tech neck: - Techneck Is caused by constantly bending our necks while gazing our phones as it causes serious strain on the cervical spine. This also causes sagging skin and double chin.


Acne: - Do you know our phone carries more bacteria than the toilet seat handle? Reason being all the makeup and sweat residue can be left on our phone screens after a long conversation. So the dirt and bacteria will accumulate on the phone and cause acne on our skin.


Under-eye circle: - The blue light or LED light can affect your sleeping patterns. Cell phone, laptops, and tablets can have a harmful effect on your sleep because the blue light sends the signals to the brain that it’s still not time the right time to sleep and you are awake for late hours at night and these cause dark circles.

dark circle

Pigmentation: - Digital screens emit HEV lights which are a natural source of blue light, this HEV light can increase pigmentation and damage the protective layer of the skin to protect our skin from all external environmental damage and prevents moisture.


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