How To Wash Your Face - As Per Skin Type

Dry Skin: - Cleansing oils are best for dry skin instead of gel or cream based cleanser. Cleansing oil attracts the oil in your face and breaks down dirt, grease and every trace of makeup.

Sensitive Skin: - For sensitive skin less is more. So keep your cleanser as gentle as possible. You can just use gentle cleansing wipes to freshen up your face.

Combination Skin: - Combination skin is a little tricky. Therefore wash your face with gentle PH balancing face wash which will make your skin clean and will hydrate it without stripping the natural oils from the face.

Oily Skin: - Oily skin beauties should choose a cleanser with soothing effects. Facial foams work best for oily skin as it cleanses the face properly without over drying it.

Acne Prone Skin: - If you have acne prone skin, makes sure not to over dry your skin. You should use gentle salicylic acid based cleanser which will not only cleanse your face but will also prevent acne breakouts.

Normal Skin: - Normal skin type is the best skin type. You can just wash your face with any gentle cleanser or micellar water.


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