Tips To Waterproof Your Makeup & Entire Look!

Tips To Waterproof Your Makeup & Entire Look!
Here are some tips for you on how to waterproof makeup as well as your entire look-
Wash your face gently and slide an ice cube all over face. In case of dry and combination skin use a good toner and if you have oily skin then use astringent post ice.
Use some powder instead of foundation as base to apply makeup. Use thin eyeliner and waterproof mascara. For eye shadow choosing colours like light brown, beige, pastel and creamy pink is perfect choice.
When it comes about choosing lipsticks, opt for soft mattes, brown with gloss and pink shades and these colours are never out of fashion.
Choose water based moisturizers and these keep water loss from perspiration and keeps skin oiliness and acne away.
For sleek and stylish look, stick to simple hairstyles like layers, bangs, French ponytail and braids!
Choose peach, pink and brow blush as these are fabulous shades of season. 
So you ready now !

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