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7 years ago
How Smoking Affects Your Skin

We all know that smoking can cause huge damage to our health but do you know that it equally damages the skin too.Read on to find out how smoking affects our skin.

Dark Undereye Eyes: - Smoking can cause under eye bags and eye swelling.Even if you try to hide your dark circles with makeup it won’t look good.Smoking habit can disbalance sleep due to nicotine withdrawal at night.Therefore causing poor sleep cycle and you wake up with tired looking eyes.

Dehydrated Skin: - Recent studies suggest that smokers tend to have dull, dehydrated and wrinkled skin.The main reason for dehydrated skin is the emission of carbon monoxide by the cigarette smoke which disturbs the oxygen in the skin and drains the nutrient which protects and repair skin damage.
Dark lips: - Smoking and dark lips goes together.When you inhale nicotine it gets transmitted to your lips which further prohibit blood vessels in the skin causing dark and pigmented lips.Slowly and gradually your smoking habit will turn your rosy lips into dark lips.

Stretch Marks: -  Our body has many fiber and connective tissues which can get damaged due to smoking.This causes loss of elasticity, therefore, stretch marks.Usually, stretch marks are caused by sudden weight gain /weight loss or pregnancy but smoking can also cause stretch marks.


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