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How to Add Chemical-Free Holiday Sparkle to Your Nail Care Routine

How to Add Chemical-Free Holiday Sparkle to Your Nail Care Routine

Everyone want to have perfectly manicured hands and pedicured feet. When we see our clean hands and feet assume feeling. We should have care about the nail, keep nails clean every day. Here, cleaning nails and nail paints 
colours have chemicals also, after applying that nail paint we can affect with the chemical. If We want to care of our nail, we are here to help...

What’s So Scary About Nail Care Products?

Nail products have chemicals in their product, still, women are using the 
colours as well as nail art. Nail art is a new trend in the market. Here are some chemicals to avoid at that time when we will purchase the nail paint.

Here’s a List of Chemicals to Avoid:

1. Phthalates                            
2. Aluminum powder
3. Tosylamide                            
4. Benzophenone
5. Isobutylphenoxy epoxy          
6. D&C Red 34
7. D&C Violet 2                          
8. Retinyl Palmitate
9. Fragrance                              
11. Camphor                              
12. Toluene
13. TPHP

According to nail artists, we should purchase Five-Free polish (Like formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde resin, and camphor ) nail 
colour product.

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