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Long hair looks amazing on any women and adds extra charm to her whole personality. What is most difficult thing with long is hair care. Long hair requires you to take extra care of it in order to keep hair healthy and shining. There are few important points which can help you to maintain your long hair properly –
  1. Good texture is very important thing in long hair. For maintaining hair texture you should get hair spa once in every month. Choose hair spa as per hair conditions and requirements. If you have oily hair then opt for cleansing hair spa and if you have dry hair then opt for nourishment hair spa.
  2. Do not comb hair every hour; rather use fingers to disentangle hair knots. Give proper time for hair combing and don’t rush. Always use wide toothed comb for long and thick hair.
  3. Never comb wet hair. Wet hairs are prone to breakage. You should comb your hair only when hairs are dry completely.  
  4. At night always make hair braid to lessen hair breakage and hair knots. If you go to sleep without making hair braids then next morning you have to deal with hair tangles and rough hair.
  5. Hair straightner and hair pressing tools are very harmful for long and healthy hair. These equipments damages hair and leave brittle and rough hair. So it is better if you don’t use these equipments very frequently.
  6. You should your hair maximum twice in a week. Over washing hair is harmful for hair and it leaves hair roots dry and strip off natural oil from hairs. You can use shampoo specifically made for your type so as to keep hair healthy and boost hair growth.
  7. Drink enough water to keep your body hydrated. Healthy hairs are sign of healthy body.
  8. Use hair conditioner to keep hair properly moisturised. Whilst using conditioner, after shampooing apply conditioner and keep it for 2-3 minutes on hair then wash it well.   
  9. Actually long hair require patience and calmness, so be gently while taking care of your long hair
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