7 Shower Tricks for Hair Healthy

7 Shower Tricks to Keep Your Hair Healthy

Do you find rough and dry hair after taking shower? If it's yes, then you have to change the way of taking shower. There are few shower tricks for healthy hair -

Shampoo the Right Way: Mostly people apply shampoo only on the
length of hair and not on scalp or roots. The right way to apply the shampoo is to massage shampoo deeply onto scalp for a minute and then wash hair thoroughly. You should always apply hair conditioner on the length of hair and not onto scalp. Avoid using too much shampoo on the length it will make hair dry.

Avoid Hot Water: Warm water not good for skin and hair as well. It gives you relief more than cold water but as well as makes skin & hair dry and flaky. Dryness in hair is the major cause
of dandruff. Always avoid hot water for healthy hair and skin.

Brush Properly: It's really important to brush your hair after getting a
shower. The right way of using the brush is to start from the bottom to the length.

Don’t Shampoo Often: Using too much shampoo also makes hair rough and dry. Using shampoo daily or alternatively is the big cause of dry hair, rather wash hair using shampoo every third or fourth day so as to maintain moisture in hair.

Keep Shower Time Short: You should short take shower only for 10 minutes. If you spend more than 10 minutes for taking a shower then it can be
harmful to your hairs.

Conditioning Hair: The right way to apply hair conditioner, is to apply conditioner after hair
washes on the length of hair, and leave it for 10 minutes. Never apply conditioner on a scalp.

Pat Dry: don’t use a
towel to dry your hair after wash because rubbing hair causes hair damage. The best idea is pat dry and you should follow this process, yes it's a lengthy process to make dry of your hair but will keep your hair healthy.

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