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Health Benefits Of Tulsi

Holy basil or tulsi is a common plant which can found in India household. It is considered sacred that is why people of India worship this plant. Apart from its beautiful aroma, it is very helpful in curing some of the common health problems. Read on to find out how it helps in curing health problems.

Treats Stomach Diseases: - Basil leaves can treat stomach diseases like constipation, acidity, and flatulence. If you are suffering from acidity, you can boil tulsi leaves in water and drink the water. If your stomach has gotten sensitive, you can boil the tulsi leaves in and strain the tulsi leaves out. Then you can mix honey, ginger and drink this mixture for two weeks. According to researchers, basil is an effective remedy for treating ulcer too. You can drink holy basil water to treat ant type of stomach ache or digestion.

Headache Buster: - Tulsi has pain relieving and decongestant properties that help to relieve pain caused by a headache or a migraine. If you are having headache due to sinusitis, allergies or cold or a migraine then make a bowl of tulsi water and dip your towel and put it on your head. People with a high-stress job should definitely gulp down at least on a cup of tulsi tea every day.

Asthma Cure: - Tulsi is helpful in relieving congestion and helps in smoother breathing. It has phytonutrients, essential oil and other mineral oil also helps in curing some of the asthma causes.Tulsi leaves can also be used for treating respiratory problems like a cough and cold. The decoction of basil leaves, when mixed with honey and ginger, helps in curing the respiratory issues.

Skin Care Cure: - To get an infection free skin or prevent skin rash you can bathe in a decoction of holy basil along with bathing water. Even if you drink tulsi tea it will help to keep your skin free from impurities. You can also rub holy basil leaves and use it extracted oils to stay away from mosquitos.

A cough, cold and fever Remedy: - Be it a cough, cold or fever, decoction of tulsi leaves can be used to cure all these three. Mix the leaves with honey, black powder and ginger and drink it three times a day for effective cure of a cough. For dry cough juice basil leaves, ginger and onion are helpful. It is also used in preventing fevers like dengue in the rainy season.

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