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7 years ago
Bed Time Hair Hacks For Gorgeous Hairs Next Day

Making a good hairstyle in the morning is quite a task because hairs take lots of time as first we have to detangle them and then make a hairstyle, but who has that much time? So it is advisable to spend some time on your hairs before going to bed. Here are few tips you can follow to wake up with hassle free hair in the morning.

Sleep on Silk Pillow Cases: - To have gorgeous looking hairs as soon as you wake up, leave your cotton pillow cases and replace it with silk pillow covers. When you sleep on cotton pillowcases it can make your hairs cuticle rough therefore tangle your hairs. Whereas the silk cases cause negligible friction and therefore help in getting shiny and tangle free hairs. Also, silk pillow covers prevent creases on the skin and puffiness.

Bouncy Hairs: - If you want to get voluminous hairs as soon as you wake up, then before going to bed, apply a little voluminising spray on damp hairs and tie your hairs in a pony. Now make a loose hair bun. When you wake up in the morning your are all done juts gently brush your hairs with a comb and you are good to go.

Hair mask: - To make your hairs healthy why not properly utilize the night when our body is at rest and our hairs get lots of time to absorb all the nutrients. You can try any hair mask. If you don’t have any hair mask then simply rub aloe Vera gel on your hairs and cover your head with a shower cap. Wash your hairs in the morning.

No Damp Hairs: - Hitting the shower right before sleeping is a good habit but make sure to air dry your hairs before sleeping as sleeping in damp hairs can cause frizzy hairs and hair breakage the next morning.

Dry Shampoo: - If you use a dry shampoo in the morning why not use it at night and let your hairs soak up all the excess oils from the hair and scalp.

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