Nails grow naturally and if you wish to have long and strong nails then you just need to have a little patience and vitamin enriched diet schedule. Eat plenty of vitamin H as it provides strength to nails and hair and for this you have to eat whole grains, bananas, avocado and mushrooms. For preventing damage to nails include folic acid enriched diet in your eating schedule. Folic acid promotes healthy red blood cells and it helps in strengthening nails. Take fruits like orange, strawberries and bell peppers as these are full of vitamin C and helps in recovering nail growth and strength.  
Here comes the turn of nail care regime. In order to keep long and strong nails you need to maintain regular shaping and trimming regime. In nail filing you should always start from outer edge and process towards the center.  
Care for cuticle is important in nail care. For this at least once in a week, soak nails on warm water for 5 minutes then remove loosen cuticles using remover and after this take cuticle stick to push dead skin cuticle back and apply hyaluronic acid on cuticles. Wash properly to remove debris left in nails.
Keep nails properly moisturised and always use base coats and top coats even if you are in hurry and want your nail polish to dry faster as double coat protects nails from staining and nail polish lasts longer.
Don’t use nails as tools for peeling labels, taking out staple pins from papers and scrapping glue. You should stop nail biting and if you are habitual of nail biting then always keep something to chew with you. These habits damage and break nails.
If you want extra care for nails then you can choose to use nail strengthening protein treatment, serums, creams and strengthening nail polish to prevent nails from chipping.
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