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7 years ago
Dry Shampoo Mistakes You Must Avoid

Are you wondering what to do to your hair on bad hair days? Because shampooing every other day is not good so in such times dry shampoo can come as a rescue. A dry shampoo absorbs excess oil from hairs making your hair looks oil, dirt, and grease free. If you already use dry shampoo or planning to use it, then here are some of the most common dry shampoo mistakes you need to avoid.

You Use It Every Day: - Dry shampoo is convenient as they are time and energy saving but you can’t use it every day as it can cause damage to your hairs in the long run. When you use dry shampoo every other day it hinders the hair follicle and causes product build-up making your hairs weaker. Therefore you should use it only once or twice a week.

You Are Not Massaging The Dry Shampoo: - If you step out of your house right after spraying the dry shampoo, you are doing it all wrong. You need to first spray it then massage a little with fingertips let it settle and then do anything else. If you are not massaging it on your scalp, the spray will just sit on your hairs and won’t be able to work effectively.

You Are Using It On The Wrong Spots: - When using dry shampoo, make sure to focus the greasy spots as there is no use of using it on the other areas which aren’t that dirty and oily. If you use it all over your hairs even on non-greasy areas it will make your hair dull, tight and brittle.

You Are Using Too Much Quantity: - Using too much dry shampoo is not going to do any good therefore make sure to use the right quantity. First, section your hairs and identify the oily spots and spray only on those areas. Always start by using a little amount of dry shampoo and then more if needed.

You Are Spraying Too Close To The Scalp: - If you spray your dry shampoo too close to your hairs, you will find a white leftover on your hairs. Therefore it is ideal to hold the dry shampoo can at least 10 inches away and then spray.

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