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7 years ago
The amazing oil that prevents hair loss and re-grows eyebrow hair

As we age, our hair starts falling and we get a constant reminder that we are aging. Though hair fall is just the natural process we get quite frustrated with it. Other factors of hair fall, baldness, hair thinning are genes. Though there are many hairs growth serums available in the market but they provide zero results. But one oil that can help you to get rid of hair related problems is castor oil.

Castor oil is an ancient cure which provides many health benefits. It has anti-fungal properties, rich in vitamin E, proteins, minerals, omega 9 fatty acids and anti-inflammatory properties. Some of its health benefits are treating sunburn, athlete’s foot, menstrual cramps, acne, pimples and skin issues and infections.


It's omega 9 fatty acids nourish the hairs and the follicles, therefore, promoting the growth of your locks, brows, and lashes. It is rich in triglycerides of unsaturated fat which rejuvenates the hairs and ricinoleic acid which prevent the formation of fungi and infections. It has been found that castor oil can enhance the flow of lymph.

You can use castor oil hair in following way:-

Massage: - To increase hair growth, take few drops of castor oil on fingers and massage the scalp in circular motion. The circular motion will make sure that the oils enter into the hair follicles.


Brows and Lashes Thickening Lotion: - To get fuller looking brows and lashes try this remedy:-
  • Garlic oil: - 15 drops
  • Castor oil: - 30 ml
  • Panthenol: - 20 ml
Mix all these ingredients and apply to the lashes and brows before going to bed.
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