Different types of Pedicures you can try

The dry air of winters can not only harm our facial skin but can also make our feet dry and cracked. Therefore we should treat our feet with a relaxing pedicure twice in a month to get happy feet. But before you go for pedicure here is a short guide on various kinds of pedicure available. If you don’t feel like stepping out of your house in cold weather to get pedicure you can book beauty service at home to get pedicure services at your door step.

Spa Pedicure: -Unlike normal pedicure, Spa pedicure treatment usually takes longer time and ingredients like a salt scrub, mud mask, and paraffin wax are used. The feet are first submerged in a bowl of paraffin wax. This is followed by mud mask application to removes calluses and treats sore feet. Aromatic scrub, essential oils, hot towel wraps and jelly candles are also used as per the preference of the customer.

Spa Pedicure 

Stone Pedicure: - Stone pedicure helps in relaxing feet sore muscles. In hot stone massage, the stone is rubbed on specific pressure points on the feet that help in tightening the muscle. The warmth of the hot stones also helps in releasing cramps in the muscle. Apart from hot stone, aromatic essential oils are also used which helps in hydrating the feet.

Stone Pedicure 

Fish Pedicure: - We all know that fishes have omega 3 fatty acids which help in giving a healthy and glowing skin but do you know that fishes are also helpful in relaxing your feet. In fish pedicure, your feet are immersed in a tank full of fish called ”garra rufa”. These fishes don’t have teeth and they easily remove the dead skin from the feet by nibbling on the feet.
Fish Pedicure 

Margarita Pedicure: - This pedicure is very similar to normal pedicure apart from the fact that Fresh lime is used in each and every step of the pedicure. The feet are first soaked in a mixture of fresh lime and water. This is followed by a lime salt scrub and then feet are hydrated with lime moisturizer.

Margarita Pedicure

Wine Pedicure: - Wine has exfoliating and rejuvenating properties that can do wonders to the skin. Wine helps in softening dry feet, cuticle, and calluses. In This Pedicure the feet are soaked in a mixture of water and wine. After this, the feet are exfoliated with grape seed oil and grape seed mask.

Wine Pedicure

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