Sundar Ray
7 years ago
Carambola Health Benefits

The Carambola tree is native to Indonesia, India and Sri Lanka, but it seems to be better known for its fruits and their nutritional properties.  The fruits have been popular in other countries, too, and therefore the trees have been cultivated in Southeast Asia and Malaysia for more than 300 years. Usually, the trees cannot be found in the wilderness as they are mainly cultivated or naturalized in many localities. In order to fully grow the trees will have to be planted in tropical and moist climate regions.

The Star Fruit is a five‐lobed fruit that, when cut into slices, looks like a star. Its unique five‐pointed shape has given rise to many legends in many cultures. On the island of Java, the star fruit is seen as a symbol of spirituality. In ancient Javanese‐Buddhism wisdom, the five edge points are called pancasila (Panca-five, sila‐attitude). The five points of the Carambola fruit are often translated as the five taboo deeds—no smoking of opium, no drinking, no gambling, no theft, and no adultery! 

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