Head Massage for Stress

Head Massage? Isn’t this sound tempting. After all, who doesn’t like to have a good massage after a tired day at the office and home? Since ancient time Indian head massage is considered very beneficial for mind,
body and soul. To get the head massage you can book head massage services at salon and parlor. Here we bring some of the benefits of getting a head massage as well as tips to get the best out of head massage sessions.

Head massage is considered very beneficial in relieving mental stress and fatigue. When you get a head massage the stressed muscles are eased. Be it the muscle of your head, neck, shoulder or muscles at the back of your head. Any a headache is it a headache which is bothering you from a quite a long time or a headache which has just started troubling you in recent times. According to doctors, even migraine headache can also be eased with regular Indian head massage.

Head Massage also helps in increasing blood circulation to the scalp which further helps in reducing hair dryness, hair fall, and Split Ends problem. Mental Health and concentration is also improved as head massages improve the blood and oxygen flow to your brain.

Some of the tips that you can follow while getting or giving a head massage are:-

Make sure that you use warm oil and soak your fingers in it. Now spread the oil soaked finger on your scalp and apply it with gentle strokes. You also have to give some pressure on the side and back of the head with the knuckles. To get the best out of head massage make sure to give some pressure on the eyebrows and you should also pull the top of the ears with fingers.

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