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7 years ago
Summer Makeup : Tips to Look Beautiful in Summer!

Summer Makeup often begin with choosing the right foundation and primer. So, we will also follow the suit –

How to Use Moisturiser in Summer?

Avoid using heavy liquid foundation in summer. Fret not, you have another option of using tinted moisturiser in summer for lightening face makeup. By making your skin tone even, moisturiser in summer is a breezy respite. Worried about better coverage? Apply powder foundation to cover up the blemishes or dark spots on your face.
*Add the Bronze Powder
To accentuate your facial features, use some bronzer this summer.
This is how to use it –
1.Apply it on the areas that are directly exposed to sun, viz, forehead, chin, nose, and cheekbones. You will look fresher with these makeup ideas for summer season.
2.While using bronzer, omit your blush. Apply bronzer with a thin brush for an understated coverage to enhance your natural looks.
3.If you are sporting tied or short hair, don’t forget to apply bronzer on your earlobes and neck as well.

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