Priya Rawat
7 years ago
5 Veggies That KILL Stomach Fat

5 Veggies That KILL Stomach Fat
Nobody Likes the fat on the belly.its too odd .here we have 5 veggies that will hepl  you to kill stomach fat-
1.Onions-You can add onion in you diet it has low calories you can mix it with any dish, You can ready your dist by this grill it , mixture it ccording your test and dish.
2.Cucumber-Cucumber is healthy food for diet it helps us from dehydration in summer it is totaaly water based veggie.You can eat as salat or juice will help you for decresing fat.
3.Leafy Greens-Braccoli,kale all having vitamines and minerals & Have very few calories.
4.Pumpkin-Pumpkin is the best for you diet if you want to kill stomach fat, Full Of vitamin and make high of you energy level.
5.Tomatoes-Same As pumpkin tomatoes hve so much vitamines and Calcium.These to element help for kill the fat.

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